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'Twas the night before dance season, and at Richard's School of the Dance,
Every dancer was thinking, this year is my chance.
Thoughts of the dance studio brought a tear to each face,
And all of them wished the next day would just race.

The instructors, meanwhile, were diligently working,
Agreeing amongst all we shall not teach them twerking.
Though summer was over they all felt no sorrow
While they ran around shouting DANCE SEASON STARTS TOMORROW.

The building was ready, the mirrors were clean,
The music was free of the rude and obscene.
The floors were well-polished and the lockers repaired,
All was in order, no effort was spared.

The next day at school students will mope and they’ll fuss,
And with backpacks and lunch bags will race to the bus.
The Welcome back, everyone! announcement will blare,
And then each dancer will ready their hair.

Each studio will fill with the dazed and perplexed,
For no one knows what move is next.
As each class moves slowly, lost and encumbered,
They quickly catch on to each move has been numbered.

No matter what struggles, trips, falls or flop
In their classes ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop
Summer vacation will fade from their minds,
As another season quickly unwinds.

Within a few months they’ll all learn their routines,
Students will feel dancing runs in their genes.
Instructors will gripe that theirs not enough time,
Students will swear that they'll do just fine.

Group combos will take the class by surprise,
While young dancers watch on with awe in their eyes.
Then costumes will come with all their glittery flare,
Some students will shout “Theirs sparkles more! Not fair!”

And the months will fly by, every one of the ten,
Then suddenly Spring will return once again,
Causing all parents to feel dazed and unsteady,
Shocked that it’s recital time already.

Just weeks before the annual recital,
Every student and teacher will begin acting sprightful.
With hundreds of man hours preparing the event,
The curtain will rise for "ENTERTAINMENT".

So let’s be glad not a single feeling of sorrow,
The well trained students of today are the stars of tomorrow!
We say to them now, as this special time draws near,
“Good luck to all, and to all a good year!”
By: Steve

Happy 67th Dance Season! We are looking forward to a fantastic New Dance Season with many exciting NEW opportunities headed our way at Richard’s! New Faces, New Classes, and New Experiences! 

New Opportunities:
-Acro Lyrical (Level 3+ Tumbling & Ballet Requirement
-Adult Hip Hop
-Beginner Lyrical (Audition & Ballet Requirement)
-Creative Movement (Saturday Mornings)
-Pre-Pointe/Pointe (pre-approval needed)

Join us for our OPEN HOUSE 
August 24th-27th 5:00-7:00 PM
-Pre-Order / Purchase Richard’s Apparel, Dance wear and Shoes
-Tour Studio
-Crazy Dances

Parent Portal Instructional Classes:
Mon/Wed 6:30-7:00 PM & Tues/Thurs 5:30-6:00 PM

Richard’s Performance Company Auditions
August 24th (learn audition piece)
August 25th (audition)
4:00-5:00 PM

Audition Forms available on Parent Portal: EVENTS


All Classes begin Tuesday, September 1st (Child and Adult)

We hope to see everyone soon!


Eleven Students and the Director from Richard’s School of the Dance (Oshkosh & Kohler) had the privilege to attend the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters Summer Dance Seminar in Schaumburg, IL. Students participated in a three day Dance Seminar with renowned Master Teachers, Choreographers and College Professors. Students participated in a variety of classes in numerous dance disciplines such as Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre. Richard’s Director took part in a four day Teacher Training School and four Day Convention Workshop to further hone her skills.

Richard’s Director Miss Tricia received the first ever Merit Scholarship during the Teacher Training Program and one of our students Ana was chosen as a Student Ambassador for Student Session.

The Richard’s Intensive Program had the opportunity to compete in this year’s Student Competition in Jazz, Lyrical and Open categories. The students we judged by Master Teachers, Choreographers and Professional Dancers. The dancers years of training and hard work paid off.

The dancers years of training and hard work paid off.

“Thank You for Being A Friend” 2015 Intermediate Jazz PLATINUM
“Dead Silence” 2015 Intermediate Open GOLD
“We Won’t Stop Dreaming” 2015 Intermediate Lyrical GOLD

All the hard work from not only the student’s at Richard’s, but also the staff demonstrates why Richard’s School of the Dance has been a top quality Dance institution for 67 years.

It’s Picture Time! It’ the fun time of the year for the kids to put on their recital costumes and be a model!
For many first time parents Picture Weekend may feel stressful and crazy. Don’t worry take a breath and all will be great.
Here are some tips and tricks to help Picture Weekend go smoothly for you and your child.

Richard’s School of the Dance Picture Weekend Survival Guide

#1 Try your costumes on at home!

This is a SUPER important step in making Picture Weekend go smoothly. Make sure to check for all costume pieces, Pin ALL straps or pieces that need to be attached to the costume.

**Pinning costumes pieces prior to arriving at Picture Weekend saves time and stress.

If your child is in more than one number please follow these instructions:

Please have a Garment Bag

*****Label ALL Costumes Pieces and Shoes
- Label Outside of Bag: Students Name, Number(s) in Show, Name of Class, Color of Costume.
- Costumes: Hang on individual Hangers, all accessories place in Ziplock bag per costume. Please label bag(s), tape Ziplock bag to hanger

#2 Please read/check the Picture Weekend Schedule and Costume Instructions Packet

-Check your Child’s Picture Times
-Check for correct Tights (Tights can be purchased at Richard’s & Action Dancewear)
-Check for any special items needed (Tank top/Leotards, Socks, Gloves, etc. that did not come with costume)

#3 Purchase your Dance Tights BEFORE Pictures

ONLY Available at Richard’s & Action Dancewear

#4 Make-up (Not required, but recommended)

We recommend the students wear:
-pink blush
-Blue eye shadow
-red lips stick

Under the special lights everyone can look like Casper The Ghost if the students don’t have a little color on their faces.

We DO NOT want Stage Make-up or Full Pageant Make-up! Just a little color.

#5 Bring Extra Bobby Pins & Safety Pins

It seems that there are never enough of these until after Pictures.

#6 Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled Group Picture Time

We recommend that students arrive in their 1st costume 15 minutes prior to their picture.
We will have a table set-up if you need help with putting on costumes, accessories etc.
We keep pictures right on time. If your child is late they will not be able to be in pictures.

****Pictures are held in Oshkosh West New Gym- Follow the Richard’s Sign for Pictures to the entrance door (Entrance #23).

#7 Fill out you Group and Individual Picture order forms prior to arriving

This will save you loads of time at Pictures. One form per costume this year if you want pictures of your child in that costume.
-Stop at the Oswald’s Photography Table to order pictures

#8 It’s Time for the Kid’s to SMILE!!!!!!!!

Pictures are FUN and exciting for the students. Students will line-up in the hallway before their picture and when announced they will come into the gym. We ask parents to wait out in the Hallway by the Richard’s & Oswald’s tables. The students tend to get distracted and have funny faces in pictures.

#9 Pictures are 10-15 minutes per Group Shot

-Individual Pictures if you choose, can be taken before or after Group Pictures.
-Keep an eye on the clock to not miss Group Pictures, when taking individual pictures.

#10 Changing Rooms available

For students in more than one picture Changing Rooms will be available.
Follow the Signs.

#11 We are always here to help

Feel free to stop at the Richard’s Table and check on any questions or concerns that you may have.

-Tights will be available for purchase.
-Elite Class Costume pieces will be available for purchase.
-Recital Show Tickets are also available.

#12 Have Fun and Enjoy the Excitement of SHOWTIME Fast Approaching!

In a few short weeks Recital Posters will be up around town and the students will be Celebrities of Oshkosh!

And don't forget to SMILE!


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